Frequently asked questions

Where is the best place to play Precision Fut?

Precision Fut can be played anywhere. An open field is ideal, but the beach could also be a great place to play.

What if the ball bounced off an opposing-team’s player? Can I touch the ball another three times?

This is an advanced technique to keep control the ball and touch it more than three times. However, knowledgeable players will be aware of this technique and could take advantage of it.

What if I touched the ball three times and couldn’t pass to another player?

The player that couldn’t pass the ball after three touches will have to leave the ball and not obstruct the play. Otherwise, a foul will be marked.

Can a player stay inside the circle-goal to prevent the other team from scoring?

No. If a player stays in the circle, a foul will be marked and a penalty will be shot by the opposing team.

How can I dry the ball that filled up with water?

The official Precision Fut ball has a patented technology that allows it to keep its softness even when it gets wet with the rain or the water from a swimming pool or the ocean. Any water that IS absorbed can be squeezed out. Once the ball is allowed to dry for an hour, the ball will recover its original properties.

Can Precision Fut be played with another ball?

Of course! Precision Fut can be played with any type and size of ball. However, the experience of playing with the official ball is unbeatable. The official ball is very reasonably priced and will last longer than any typical soccer ball.