Precision Fut

Precision fut playing

Fun and modern game that requires passion.

Precision Fut is a fun and modern game that requires passion. It promotes teamwork and allows players to develop skills that can be applied to the traditional soccer game.

Precision Fut marks the beginning of a new lifestyle. There are no longer any restrictions on gameplay based on size or number of players. Enjoy the game and dare to play it in school or the next time you are at the beach or in the field.

The field Precision Fut

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Authors Testimonials

Precision fut has been a wonderful experience that has involved my wife, our children and other family members.
It has been extremely interesting to involve the views of 3 different generational groups and converge these views in a very entertaining game.
Precision fut is a way to train and develop soccer skills such as ball control, pass quickly, really play as a team and run as fast as possible.
With Precision fut facilitates no one will be leaved out, it's really fun, try it!
Luis Felipe
The creation of Precision fut has been a very good experience for my future career because it taught me how to take a business idea to turn it into a real product.
Precision fut makes me run and improve my skills to control the ball with my feet.
I was delighted to bring my ideas to this new game.
Luis Felipe Jr.
Precision Football is super cool!!
For me to have found Precision fut Precision has been excellent because to beat my Dad, my Brother depends on me and I of him, though I am the youngest of the family.
It is a super game that I really enjoy, play it will be fun!!

The game


Precision Fut can be played between two or more players. It is recommended to balance the teams by distributing smaller or less skilled players in larger teams.

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The field can and should be adjusted depending on the size of the teams. The more players there are, the longer the field should be.

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It is the concept of goals in Precision Fut that has been revolutionary. They have forced players to work together in order to score and have eliminated the pain ...

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Precision Fut is a very intense game that requires a large amount of energy in a short amount of time. Because of this, each half will last for 15 minutes.

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